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Richard Wright

Richard Wright

Modern & Contemporary

This remarkable wall painting by artist Richard Wright was commissioned specifically for the Theseus Temple and produced using traditional techniques that have served painters since the Renaissance. Wright will work daily with a team of assistants for more than a month to produce an intricate and unique work made of thin sheets of silver leaf directly on the interior walls of the building. Wright’s paintings are often short-lived, only surviving the length of an exhibition, before they are painted over. This serves to heighten the senses of the viewer in the knowledge that the work may not be viewable again, in any other place, at any other time.

Richard Wright (born 1960) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. He was awarded the Turner Prize in 2009, and is represented by The Modern Institute, Glasgow, BQ Gallery, Berlin, and Gagosian Gallery.

An exhibition of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, curated by Jasper Sharp.


18. April 2013
to 30. September 2013

The Theseus Temple
Volksgarten, 1010 Wien

Opening hours
April bis Oktober
während der Ausstellungen
täglich 11 - 18 Uhr

Öffnungszeiten Volksgarten
1.4 bis 31.10.2012, 6 - 22 Uhr

Holiday opening hours

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