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Collecting: A Waste of Time - or Art?

Collecting: A Waste of Time - or Art?

Students plan an exhibition

It focuses not on historical museum objects or artworks created by participants but on the private collections of 13-17 year-old students. The young participants were able to select their future exhibits freely and realised their concept with the help of the different departments of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. They acted as curators of the exhibitions, authors and PR managers. There were no rules and many ideas were born only in the course of the project.

8 working groups evolved in the course of the project.

Group 1: The same but also different
Although our cups have little material value, they are dearer to us than is at first apparent. The cups were a gift from a special person, they are as different from one another as we are - which is why we want to exhibit them in order to illustrate the true importance of things that have little financial value.

Group 3: Life
In the course of a life we assemble many different things. Barbie dolls, Polly Pockets and buttons or handkerchiefs, to name but a few. See for yourself the many different things one can collect.

Group 3: Either – or?
A waste of time or art?
Is our art really a waste of time?
Is our time really a waste of art?
Is our waste really artificial time?
Or temporal art?

Gruppe 4: A Wall of Good Luck
It’s hard to believe that one can capture this much happiness on a slip of paper. Good luck never disappears, even it this sometimes seem to be the case. Just look at this wall, you have never seen so much good luck in a single palce!

Group 5: Theatre to go
Theatre, a burning passion, hot as fire and chilli. A small spark at first but once the flame is lit it cannot be extinguished. We will never abandon the flame, unless it abandons us.

Group 6/1: Lucky Pig
Many people are their own worst enemy, preventing themselves from realising their dreams because they are afraid to fail..! “If pigs could fly…” is the motto of our exhibition piece … because EVERYONE, even pigs, can fly if they truly want to!

Group 6 /2: Gaming Pieces
„Lego“ and „Warhammer“, a fascinating world for young and old. Behind every figure is a long story. But you have to discover it for yourself!

Group 7: Travels & Nursery
To go on a long journey you don’t need to leave the country.
If you want to see the world with new eyes come to the KHM. Here you will encounter things that have always been, and will always remain, important for us. Your children’s dream nursery is only here! At the KHM.
From a long journey to the nursery. Here you will find everything for young and old.

Group 8: Kikicocos
Jam, crass, cool, co-operative, communicative, creative art!

Project coordinators:
Cäcilia Bischoff (idea and concept) and Gudrun Hatvagner (organisation)


14 September 2010
to 31 October 2010

Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie die Website der AHS Rahlgasse.

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