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Ahmed Nawar


This exhibition of artistic "constructions" by Ahmed Nawar continues the series of exhibits of contemporary Egyptian art begun by the Kunsthistorisches Museum several years ago.

Ahmed Nawars creations - constructivist and at the same time dynamic and full of vitality bring a completely new approach to the contemporary artistic scene in Egypt. His constructions are marked both by basic formal elements, such as the square or the triangle, and by delicate linear additions, whose dynamic contrasts lead to a harmonisation of the only seemingly constructed overall scheme. He takes his bearing from the dominant shapes of Egyptian architecture, such as the pyramid, but constructively continues and sometimes even dissolves them in a playful and ornamental context, thus pointing beyond the decorative while concentrating and transforming Egyptian traditions for today.

In the end his almost collage-like constructions document the appropriation process of formal design in the force field between energy and human invention, which incorporates quotes and elements of modern technology. His constructions mirror and utilise this force field, in which man discovers himself again between ingenium and dynamic development.

During the last 35 years, Ahmed Nawar has shown his pictures in numerous exhibitions in Egypt as well as in Europe, particularly in Spain. His numerous prizes mark him out as an important proponent of Egyptian art and culture.


1 May 1999
to 27 May 1999

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