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The Painted Year 1964 1999 Picture Series and Picture Cycles

The exhibition includes a cross-section of some 130 pictures from many groups of works created over the past 35 years by the painter.
Beginning with Attersees "Guide to Austria for Extraterrestrial Beings" (1964), the exhibition displays an important series of paintings from the 1960s on the themes of eating, everyday articles, cosmetics and concepts of beauty (much of it from an erotic angle) as well as major works from every decade of Attersees production down to the present.

Many of these paintings are being shown for the first time in Austria, while others have not been seen in this country since the early 1980s. This allows younger art enthusiasts in particular to view Attersees earlier paintings in a context with his present work. This millennium retrospective in Palais Harrach will be of interest not only to Austrian art enthusiasts but to the international art world.

A carefully compiled catalogue with more than 100 colour illustrations and various introductory essays accompanies the exhibition. The catalogue includes a contribution by the director of the Bonn Art Museum, Dr. Dieter Ronte, an authority on Attersee. Illustrating the independence of Attersees wide variety of artistic possibilities in an era marked by so many and varied influences, the exhibition provides outstanding examples of significant post-war Austrian art.


14 December 1999
to 30 January 2000

Palais Harrach, I. Stock

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