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Your Ticket to Bruegel (2 October 2018 to 13 January 2019)

In order to ensure your personal enjoyment of art, it is necessary to book a time slot to visit the special exhibition Bruegel. Time slots are available every 20 minutes – admission to the special exhibition will solely be possible during the booked timeslot, however, the length of your visit is not limited.

Tickets with reserved time slots

Admission with reserved time slots
Purchase your ticket for Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna including the special exhibition Bruegel in advance to save time. On behalf of your online-ticket (print@home or mobile ticket) you can immediately proceed to the admission control.
The ticket entitles you to visit Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna and the special exhibition Bruegel.


€ 20,00inkl. MwSt.

If you already have a ticket for Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, you can purchase a time slot at the museum’s ticket booths.

Admission with reserved time slot &
combined ticket "Treasures of the Habsburgs"

Get to see two of Vienna's premier sights and embark on a journey of discovery through the Imperial Collections of the Habsburgs. Enjoy the sensational special exhibition Bruegel, an artist widely regarded as the 16th century's greatest Netherlandish painter.
The ticket entitles you to visit Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Imperial Treasury Vienna and the special exhibition Bruegel.


€ 25,00inkl. MwSt.

Admission with your Annual Ticket
Enjoy the special exhibition Bruegel and all highlights as often you want. Get your free timeslot ticket at every cash desk in the museum.


€ 44,00inkl. MwSt.

Exclusive admission without reserved time slot

Premium Ticket – Admission at any time
To ensure that you can enter the special exhibition at any time without booking a time slot we offer the skip-the-line ticket.
The ticket entitles you to visit Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna and the special exhibition Breugel.


€ 30,00inkl. MwSt.

Experience Bruegel in an exclusive setting

An evening with Bruegel
Enjoy an unforgettable evening at the special exhibition Bruegel every Friday including a guided tour and a champagne reception. Limited offer – get your ticket in advance.


€ 49,00inkl. MwSt.

Information for ICOM-Pass holders:
Ask for a time slot for ICOM Pass holder at the cash desk in the museum.

Find information about opening hours and admission fees here.
For further information please contact or phone +43 1 525 24 2500.

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