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Bruegel under a microscope

For 2018/2019 the Kunsthistorisches Museum has a very special treat in store: we will present the first-ever comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the work of Pieter Bruegel the elder (1525/30–1569), the most important Netherlandish painter of the sixteenth century; this spectacular show commemorates the 450th anniversary of the master’s death.

In preparation for this seminal exhibition in Vienna, which hopes to bring to­gether for the very first time his entire oeuvre, two of Bruegel’s paintings in the Kunst­his­torisches Museum will be comprehensively restored and analysed.

“The Suicide of Saul” (1562) is one of Breugel’s smaller compositions, which reflect his deep familiarity with miniature painting. Today, however, the degraded varnish makes it almost impossible to distinguish the lovingly rendered details. The cradle affixed in 1917 to the back of “Peasant and Nest Robber” (1568) in an attempt to stabilize the panel has caused additional tensions and warping, resulting in hairline cracks.

Restoration, analysis and scientific examination, and the digitalisation of these two paintings will cost around € 80.000; the work is part of a comprehensive international research project on Bruegel’s panel paintings begun in 2012.

Your donation will help to render visible once more the wealth of details in Bruegel’s compositions, and make a vital contribution to the realisation of our splendid 2018 Bruegel exhibition.

Please support this project. Thank you for your donation!

Sabine Haag, Director general

Supporters will be rewarded!

We are happy to list your name on the electronic roll of honour for the restoration project on our Bruegel website.

Donate € 1.000 or more, and your donation will be listed in the exhibition catalogue, and you and your guests can enjoy a private guided tour through the Picture Gallery led by one of our experts.


Donations to the Kunsthistorisches Museum are tax-deductible.

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